About us


Hanyang University’s Institute of Legal Studies was founded in 1981 and has over 30 years of experience. It has faithfully fulfilled its function as a research institute affiliated with the university for the past 30 years through various academic support and external activities.

The current trend of specialization and globalization is not an exception to the area of law, and it is also poses new challenges for law institutes. The introduction of the Law School system in 2009 has been very motivating for the Institute of Legal Studies. Our Institute is carrying out various activities to respond to these new trends and fulfill the purpose of the law school system.

Hanyang University’s Institute of Legal Studies is led by the steering committee, full-time research professors, researchers, and staff at all times. Specialized research centers such as the Center for International Law, the Center for Public Interest & Human Rights, and the Center for Intellectual Property (IP) & Information Law have been established under the Law Research Institute to support the Graduate School of Law’s specialized programs and to conduct research activities in the field. About fifty senior researchers and twenty researchers, affiliated with the Law Research Institute are experts in each field conducting professional research.

Our Institute of Legal Studies has been at the forefront of academic exchanges at both home and abroad. In addition to supporting and holding academic conferences of domestic universities and societies, we regularly hold joint symposiums with foreign universities, and conduct research presentations and invitational lectures by renowned professors and experts from Korea and abroad. We are implementing programs to promote the next generation of academics, such as post-doctoral programs, and training programs for law practitioners in various fields.

The publication of academic journals is one of the major activities of the Law Research Institute. 「Hanyang Law Review」, a journal registered by the National Research Foundation of Korea, is published four times a year to provide a venue for excellent research papers. In addition, journals in English 「Hanyang Journal of Law」 are published twice a year to meet with the globalized era. Finally, specialized journals such as ‘International litigation’, 'Human Rights Law & Practice', and 'Intellectual Property & Information Law Review' are published twice a year, respectively.

Our Institute of Legal Studies will continue to faithfully carry out various activities that support the university's education, research, and service functions. In order to fulfill these functions, we will expand the research organization and staff and will not neglect the development of various programs. We will continue to strive for the development of various fields of law and the creation of a desirable legal culture by continuously discovering new businesses beyond the existing boundaries.

Head Director of the Hanyang University’s Institute of Legal Studies Sunhee. Yun.