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Paper Submission Guide

Paper Submission Guide
The 『Intellectual Property &Information Law Review』, published twice a year by our center, promotes research intellectual property law and information law, contributing to the development of related areas.
We ask that many professors, as well as practitioners and researchers, contribute valuable academic papers.
Paper Submission Period

『Intellectual Property &Information Law Review』 is published twice a year.
The deadline for the thesis submission and the submission period may be extended by the decision of the editorial committee, and it is announced through the notice on the website.

Requirements for Submission

Papers on Intellectual Property & Information Law

How to submit

When submitting a thesis, please send it to Hanyang University Law Research Institute ( principle, manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail.)

Documents to be submitted
(1) Manuscript file
(2) Confirmation of academic thesis research ethics (refer to Community>Notice)
(3) Delegation agreement, such as the right to use the thesis (refer to Community>Notice)