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Organization and Members


Administration for Institute of Legal studies

Administration for Institute of Legal studies
title name affiliation
Director of Institute of Legal Studies (Head Director, Editor-in-chief) Yun, Sunhee Hanyang University Law School
Deputy Director, Institute of Legal Studies (Chairman of Research Ethics committee ) Yoon, Hye-Sun
Director of Public Interest & Human Rights’ center Hwang, Sung Gi
Director of International Law & litigation center Han, Choong-Soo
Director of IP & Information Law center Yun, Sunhee
Director of Korean research center for Guardianship and Trust Jung, Ho Kyoung
Director of AI and Law center Je, Cheol Ung

Steering Committee

Steering Committee
title name affiliation
Head Director Yun, Sunhee Hanyang University School of Law
Committee members Yoon, Hye-Sun
Hwang, Sung Gi
Han, Choong-Soo
Jung, Ho Kyoung
Je, Cheol Ung

Editorial board

Editorial board
title name affiliation
Editor-in-Chief Yun, Sunhee Hanyang University School of Law
Co-Editor-in-Chief Lee, Joon-Hyong
Editor Kim, Sang-Tae Department of Law, Soonchunhyang University
Kang, Dong Wook Department of Law, Dongguk University
Nam Bok Hyeon Faculty of Law and Police, Howon University
Seong, Hye Hwal Inha University Law School
Lee, Boo Ha Gangneung-Wonju National University
Lee, Young-Gyu Department of Law, Gangneung-Wonju National University
Cha, Sang Yook Kyungpook National University Law School
Hwang, Sung Gi Hanyang University School of Law

Research Ethics Committee

Research Ethics Committee
title name affiliation
Chairman of Research Ethics Yoon, Hye-Sun Hanyang University School of Law
Committee members Park, Seongho
We, Kye Chan
Chang, Kun Young
Jung, Kwang-Hyun

Research Committee

Research Committee
title name Major
Research Commissioner Kang, Seong Tae Labor Law, Social Security Law
Kim, Byungil Intellectual Property Law
Kim, Jae-Bong Criminal Law
Kim, Chadong Economic Law, Legal Economics, Civil Affairs
Kim, Hongkyun Environmental Law
Park, Sun-Ah Legal Practice
Park, Seongho Intellectual Property Rights
Park, Su Keun Labor Law
Park, Jaewan Civil Procedure Act
Park, Jong-Bo Constitutional law
Park, Chan-Un Human Rights Act, Legal Ethics
Park, Hyun Jung Administrative Law
Bang, Seung-Ju Constitutional law
Song, Ho-Young Civil Law
Yeo, Mi Suk Civil Law, Civil Affairs
Oh, Young Keun Criminal Law
Oh, Yoon Tax Law
We, Kye Chan Civil Law
Yun, Sunhee Intellectual Property Act
Yoon, Hye-Sun Administrative Law
Lee, Jong Hyeok International Trade Law
Lee Joo Yeon Anglo-American law
Lee, Joon-Hyong Civil Law
Lee, Ho Young Economic Law
Lim, Mi-Won Philosophy of Law
Chang, Kun Young Commercial Law
Jang, Seung Hyuk Criminal Law, Practice of criminal law
Chun, Woo Hyun Commercial Law
Jung, Kwang-Hyun Constitutional law
Jung, Kyu Won Criminal Law, Medical Law
Jeong, Mun Sik Constitutional law
Jung, So-Min Civil law, civil affairs
Jung, Ho Kyoung Administrative Law
Je, Cheol Ung Civil Law
Cho, Tae-Je Administrative Law
Choi, Tae Hyun International Law
Han, Choong-Soo Civil Procedure Act
Hwang, Sung Gi Constitutional law, Media and Culture Act

Research Member

Research Member
title name Major
Hanyang University’s Institute of Legal studies
Research Assistant Professor Choi, Dong Young Intellectual Property Law (Ph.D.)
full-time researcher Kang, Tea yung Legal Policy (Ph.D. Candidate)
Visiting Researcher Si, Chun Lei Intellectual Property Law (Professor)
Researcher Kang, Gibong Intellectual Property Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kang, Seung-Mook Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Myung Su Civil Procedure Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Sung Kyoon Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Sunghwa Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Suyoung Criminal Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Youngkook Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Jong-il Constitutional Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Hyoung Seok Philosophy of Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Kim, Hwa Sik Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Park, Gunndo Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Park, Deuk-bae Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Park, Jae-yoon Administrative Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Park, Jae Hong Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Bong, Young-jun Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Son Sungmin Administrative Law (Ph.D. Candidate)
Researcher Son, Yeon-woo Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Song, Ji Eun Philosophy of Law (Ph.D. Candidate)
Researcher Siedan International Law (PhD)
Researcher Shim, Young-joo Criminal Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Ahn, Soo-chan Administrative Law (Ph.D. Candidate)
Researcher Oh, Seong-eun Economic Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Yoo, Kwang Hyuk International Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Youn, Jin Hee Constitutional Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, Deok Hoon Civil Procedure Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, Do-Kook Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, Sang-han Criminal Law (Doctor)
Researcher Lee, Sungwoon Commercial Law (Ph.D. Candidate)
Researcher Lee, Oongyoung Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, Jongduk Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, jungjoo Criminal Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Rhee, Jee-min Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Hyun-kyung Lee International Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Lee, Hee-ok Constitution (Ph.D.)
Researcher Chung Dae-seop Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Jung, Young-ae Labor Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Jeong, Jeong-won Criminal Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Cho, Won-yong Constitution (Ph.D.)
Researcher Choi, Jeong-yun Administrative Law (Ph.D)
Researcher Choi, Hyun-tae Civil Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Ha,Young-tae Commercial Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Han, Sung-hoon Criminal Law (Ph.D.)
Researcher Hong, Jiun International Law(Ph.D.)
Center for International Litigation Law
expert researcher Lee, Yong Suk Administrative Law(Ph.D. Candidate)
Center for Public Interest & Human Rights
expert researcher Bang, Kang Soo Labor Law (Ph.D.)
Center for IP & Information Law
expert researcher Lee, Younghoon Intellectual Property Law (Ph.D.)