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Paper Submission Guide

Paper Submission Guide
『Hanyang Law Review』, published four times a year (March, June, September, December), is a registered academic journal of the National Research Foundation of Korea.
We would like to thank you for your deep interest and affection for our 『Hanyang Law Review』.
We ask that many professors as well as practitioners and researchers, contribute valuable academic papers.
When submitting a thesis, the submission is accepted through the online thesis submission and review system (JAMS). Please refer to the attached file of a separate notice on signing up for JAMS and submitting a thesis.
Paper Submission Period

『Hanyang Law Review』 is published four times a year, and the deadline for thesis submission is as follows.
The submission deadline and the submission period may be extended by the decision of the Editorial Board, and will be announced through the notice on the website.

Issued month submission deadline Issue date
March February 23rd March 31st
June May 24th June 30th
September August 23rd September 30th
December November 22nd December 31st
Payment of examination fee and publication fee
(1) Examination fee: KRW 90,000
(2) Publication fee: KRW 150,000 (KRW 200,000 in case of private labeling as a research fund-funded thesis)
Examination fee and publication fee deposit information
Payment account: Shinhan Bank 100-030-093238 (Account holder: Hanyang University Law Research Institute)
*Please deposit the examination fee along with your manuscript submission. The publication fee will be notified again once the publication of the submitted paper is confirmed.