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Paper Submission Guide

Paper Submission Guide
The Hanyang Journal of Law, published twice a year (Winter and Summer) by our Law Research Institute, introduces the domestic legal system, legal theory, and essential precedents to foreign countries, and focuses on research on comparative legal discussions with foreign countries.
In addition, our research institute makes the articles published in this journal accessible through ‘THOMSON REUTERS WESTLAW’, a global legal literature information database, in order to promote the internationalization of Korean law in response to the trend of the global era.
We ask that many professors, as well as practitioners and researchers, contribute valuable academic papers.
Paper Submission Period

『Hanyang Journal of Law』 is published twice a year.
The submission deadline and the submission period may be extended by the decision of the Editorial Board, and will be announced through the notice on the website.

Payment of examination fee and publication fee
(1) Examination fee: none
(2) Publication fee: none
How to submit

If you would like to contribute a thesis, please send it to Hanyang University Law Research Institute (로 송부하여 주시기를 바랍니다
(In the case of 『Hanyang Journal of Law』, in principle, manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail.))

Writing tips
(1) The submitted thesis must be written in English.
(2) If possible, please write within 10,000 words including footnotes.
(3) Annotations are written in the form of footnotes, and citations follow the method of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010).
(※ Refer to the example below for an example of the Bluebook citation method. For details, refer to the Bluebook directly)

[ Example of Bluebook Citation Method ]

◎ Non-periodical publications such as books and reports ◎ Academic journals

① Author's name, ② Signature, ③ Cited page ④ (number of editions, year)

① Fransis A. Carey, ② Organic Chemistry ③ 310 ④ (6th ed. 2006)
→ Fransis A. Carey, Organic Chemistry 310 (6th e. 2006)

① Author's name, ② Article name, ③ Journal Vol. number, ④ Journal name, ⑤ Start page of the article, ⑥ Cited page, ⑦ (Year)

① Charles A. Reich, ② The New Property, ③ 73 ④ Yale L.J. ⑤ 733, ⑥ 737-38 ⑦ (1964)
→ Charles A. Reich, The New Property, 73 Yale L.J. 733, 737-38 (1964)