Affliated Laboratory


Our Center for Public Interest & Human Rights is a specialized center affiliated with Hanyang University’s Institute of Legal Studies, which studies the theory of human rights and supports human rights activities at home and abroad based on the research results. In addition, concerning the Human Rights Law Society, an autonomous organization of Hanyang University Law School students, we are organize human rights advocacy activities and hold various events. All research achievements and activities of Center for Public Interest & Human Right are published and collected in the journal “Human Rights Law & Practice” compiled by the Center. At the same time, we do our best to be a leading academic journal and a place of communication by opening it wide to external experts, human rights activists, and students.

In order to accurately face the reality of human rights and seek ways to promote human rights, it is necessary to develop human rights sensitivity and theoretical understanding. To this end, the homepage of Center for Public Interest & Human Rights will form an axis of the human rights information network and become a medium through which everyone can actively participate and communicate.

Please feel free to leave any comments, seminars, events, and activities on human rights. Our Center for Public Interest & Human Rights of the Hanyang University will always be your strong friend in human rights. Thank you.

Director of the Center for Public Interest & Human Rights
Professor Sung-Gi Hwang