Affliated Laboratory

Center for IP & Information Law


In the 21st century, which is called the age of knowledge and digitalization, the creation, protection, and use of knowledge, information and culture haves already become a new paradigm, and their importance is increasing especially in the age of digital convergence, where digital and analog are converginge.

As intellectual property and information-related industries occupy a key position in a country's industrial structure, it is natural for countries around the world to allocate a large amount of budget and support for the establishment of systematic and comprehensive national strategies to strengthen national competitiveness, and institutions that can systematically and effectively implement and adjust policies.

As such, the importance of intellectual property and information in modern society cannot be overemphasized. And intellectual property and information not only have an impact on the economy, but are also important for the preservation and instillation of cultural diversity, which is another obvious issue in the age of knowledge and culture.

Based on this recognition, the Center for Intellectual Property & Information Law at Hanyang University conducts comprehensive research on related domestic legal systems, and responds to international trends such as related international treaties and multilateral agreements, bilateral agreements, and protection status of major governments. We aim for systematic research through a multifaceted review of the subject matter. Through regular academic conferences and seminars, we intend to provide a forum for experts to discuss various topics in intellectual property and information law and build human networking. We ask for your continued interest and affection towards the Hanyang University's Intellectual Property and Information Law Center.

Director of the Center of Intellectual Property & Information Law
Professor Sun-hee Yun