Affliated Laboratory


While modern people in the 21st century enjoy the benefits of technological revolution and global culture, it can be said that the possibility of facing foreign and international disputes that cross borders has significantly increased than before. In such a changing environment, in-depth research on international litigation and international arbitration laws for peaceful resolution of disputes and training of related experts are required. The Center for International Litigation Law was established in March 2006 and has been dedicated to academic and educational activities to meet the demands of the times. Our research center is pursuing the following three mid- to- long-term development directions in order to better meet the changes in the international environment and the demands of the working world and academia.

First is an in-depth study on international litigation law and international arbitration law by strengthening the research capabilities of participating professors and new research personnel. Our research center conducts in-depth research on international litigation law and international arbitration law, centering on five professors and one expert researcher from Hanyang University School of Law, who are researching various majors such as international law, international transaction law, civil procedure law, and commercial law, and has produced several works. In addition, we intend to raise the research level of our Center to an international level in the future by establishing a system of mutual competition and setting reasonable goals for research results.

The second is to nurture the next-generation international litigation and arbitration law experts through intensive research. Our research center focusses on nurturing the next generation of researchers through education on international litigation law and international arbitration law by operating various educational programs, including domestic and international seminars once a year. In addition, we plan to prepare mid- to- long-term plans related to this to nurture research personnel at the international level.

Third, we are strengthening our internationalization capabilities through the active promotion of international cooperation projects. The International Litigation Law and International Arbitration Law Research Center hosts various programs such as annual international seminars, invited lectures by international scholars, and overseas training by participating graduate schools to meet the needs of the globalization era and the academic field of international litigation law. In the future, our center intends to strengthen further exchanges and cooperation with European countries and Asian countries such as China and Japan to strengthen internationalization capabilities.

The members of our center will do their best to look back and develop our research Center for International Litigation Law to be prepared for the new coming future. We ask for your interest and support. Thank you.

Director of the Center for International Litigation & Arbitration Law
Professor Choong-Soo Han